Original timepieces Vacheron Constantin in Kiev

Vacheron Constantin - one of the oldest watch brands in the world. The history of the company has more than 260 years. During this time it was created many amazing hours - true masterpieces of watchmaking.

The first mention of the founder of the prestigious Swiss watchmaking dynasty found in the contract of employment Jean-Marc Vacheron young apprentice. September 17, 1755 is considered the birthday of the famous company, whose products are considered to be one of the most prestigious, original and recognizable. Quality and elegant watches Vacheron quite quickly became popular and in demand among the upper classes of France and Italy.

The company pioneered the industrialization of the Swiss watch industry. However, this did not protect her from the fate of many different manufacturers hours affected by this same industrialization. 1960-1970 years were very difficult for the industry. Traditional watchmaking could not compete with the more technological and cheap quartz technology.

All that could oppose it instead of the master - archaic production methods. Yet, precisely because of the observance of traditions, Vacheron company managed not only to survive, but succeed in creating different hours of the highest quality.

In 1819, the company is part of the businessman Francois Constantin. Thanks to him, the company significantly improved the case, it goes to a whole new level of production, and the name of the brand is replenished another name.

Since 1877 the official name of the company sounds like «Vacheron & Constantin, Fabricants, Geneve» (in 1970 the name is removed ampersand). In 1885, the brand presents a world first original anti-magnetic watch.

The use of special materials in the construction helps protect the mechanism from the destabilizing effects of magnetic fields. Impeccable reputation brand Vacheron Constantin was formed not only due to the excellent quality of the generated clock and prescription history, but also numerous technical achievements.

The company has the development of super-thin mechanical watch with a height of only 1.64 mm body. In 1979, Vacheron Constantin master made incredible. They "revive" the gold and precious stones, creating the most expensive and the most beautiful models of watches Vacheron Constantin Kallista. Their production took 140 grams of gold, 118 diamonds cut "emerald" and 141 brilliant-cut round. In the year of the creation of this model was purchased by the buyer, who wished to remain anonymous for 5 million. Dollars.

Experts estimate that today their value exceeds 11 million. Dollars. Brand watches Vacheron Constantin - this is the perfect combination of tradition and modern technology. Their production uses only the finest materials, and talented engineers and designers work every day to provide innovative solutions and recognizable body. Name Vacheron Constantin has always been associated with luxury, wealth and success.

Many famous and successful people chose this watch brand, to emphasize its high status and impeccable taste.