Original Ulysse Nardin watch in Kiev

Ulysses Nardin own company founded in 1846, when he was only 23 years old. Despite his youth, he had all the skills necessary to conduct business and the creation of original, noteworthy, hours. Ulysses was born in a family of watchmakers Leonard Frederick backgammon. It was therefore familiar with the watchmaking firsthand and he soon began to learn. Subsequently, the knowledge and experience he developed two of the best masters of his time Frederick William Dubois and Louis Jean-Richard de Bresselya.

The company's success was determined by the release of the famous marine chronometers, which served to navigate the military and merchant ships, as well as excellent quality pocket watches with complex mechanisms. Ulysses Nardin led business for over thirty years, and then handed over the reins to his son, 21-year-old Paul David. In 1862 he introduced the brand watches at the World Exhibition in London.

For almost a century the company has been developing, producing excellent watches with flawless quality characteristics. Followed by a period of difficult challenges. Market introduction of more accurate and thus cheap quartz analog dealt a severe blow to the world hour. Do not resist this onslaught and the company Ulisse Nardin. When in 1983 it was acquired by the tycoon Rolf Schneider, from the former greatness left except a world famous name. About watchmaking new owner had heard only superficially.

Despite this, thanks to Schneider's business acumen and his passion for watches, the company was able to be reborn and to achieve new, previously unseen heights. By creating new models that were destined to conquer the world, he attracted the legendary watchmaker, scientist-inventor Ludwig Oechslin. His involvement has improved the design of models, as well as their "stuffing". As a result, Ulisse Nardin started production of excellent timepieces, the complexity of which struck the most famous representatives of the watch manufactories.

In 1985 the company introduced a model Astrolabium Galileo Galilei - the first of a series of Trilogy of Time. Four years later, these watches entered the Guinness Book of Records as having the most sophisticated in the world.

They were provided at the time unprecedented number of features - 21. Since the beginning of his report the era of complex, beautiful, stylish, functional, practical and very high-quality masterpieces of watchmaking. Ulisse Nardin rightly considered a leader in functional design.

While many manufacturers in the pursuit of beauty neglect this essential characteristic. Auctions with watch brand has always attracted considerable interest among representatives of the watch industry, collectors. Their eccentricity won such prestigious auction houses like Christie's, Sotheby's, Bonham. Ulisse Nardin watch from not just an accessory They are part of high fashion.

Design decision models inherent characteristic features of the brand products. Nevertheless, each watch is unique, they have their own unique face and boast impeccable technical execution. They look really luxurious and can conquer at first sight. Afford Ulisse Nardin may only well-off people. These watches will point to the high status of its owner, to emphasize its impeccable sense of style.