Original watches Piaget

Piaget History began in 1874 in a small village on the Cote Fe - the heart of the Swiss watchmaking region. The company's founder, Georges Edouard Piaget has become - a connoisseur of fine mechanisms and successful businessman. Today, by the hour, they created the brand, can be traced as a varied style and fashion of the second half of the last century.

Almost seventy years in the center of production of Piaget were not refined accessories, but what is rightfully proud of the Swiss watch industry - the mechanisms of the highest class. The decision determined the fate of the company was made in 1943, grandson of the founder of the brand - Gerald and Valentin Piaget.

In keeping with the tradition of innovation Piaget starts producing subtle mechanisms, which quickly attracted the attention of leading representatives of the watch industry and become the hallmark of the brand.

In 1957 he was released super-slim mechanical caliber 9P thickness of only 2 mm. After three years beyond the caliber 12P - the most subtle of all the existing mechanism with automatic winding, 2.3 mm thick. This invention was recorded by representatives of Guinness World Records.

At Piaget, it was decided to work only with precious stones. The company's specialists have earned the reputation as the most skilled craftsmen working with precious metals such as gold and platinum. The card of each model is unique strap woven from a plurality of tiny gold rings.

In 2001, the growing demand for the products of the brand makes to open a new watchmaking. Today it is one of the leading watch companies in Switzerland, equipped with modern, high-precision equipment. The walls of the factory employs the best designers, jewelers, craftsmen.

Much attention is paid to the company Piaget new developments and research. The development of innovative technologies is spent a lot of money each year, which is worth noting, is fully justified. A little more than thirteen years of manufacture of the walls left dozens of entirely new mechanisms, including gauges with complex functions: flyback, perpetual calendar, second time zone indicator and others.

Each ultra-thin Piaget mechanism is still going in the town of La Côte-aux-Fee (Switzerland) and is the hallmark of the brand.

Choosing for yourself Piaget, you become the owner of the masterpiece, which fully emphasize the high status of its owner.