Original watches Panerai

Panerai watches originally created for super-secret special forces unit of the Italian submarine. The developers had a task to do is not just waterproof and convenient for use on the depth and ultra-precise mechanisms. For the accuracy of the calculation of the life of the military operations of the veil.

Business Card Panerai watches today - black dial. Designed specifically to emphasize the contrast of green glow slotted it figures. One of the distinguishing characteristics of the watch brand is their reliability.

In 2000 the company created a model Submersible Luminor - designed for those who can not imagine life without the deep sea and explore the beauty of the underwater world. Equipped with a helium decompression valve, steel body 3 mm thick sapphire and 5-millimeter glass, they can dive to a depth of 1,000 meters.

Within 4 years the specialists of Panerai surpassed themselves by releasing watches Luminor Submersible 2500m, allowing to dive into two and a half kilometers. The exhibition Horlogerie in Geneva, he gets the title of the best among all existing sports timepieces.

In addition to technological innovations brand pleases connoisseurs precise clockworks exclusive models, which are particularly popular among collectors. Unusual functionality, rare metals and gauges - it seems that this diversity allows you to choose the ideal in all respects instances, the cost of which, at times, difficult to express in monetary terms.

Every year, Panerai watches are becoming increasingly popular. They captivates everything from total solutions, and design to the smallest aesthetic and technical details. Today, watches are available with a mechanism for automatic and manual winding. To create a body using precious metals and solid platinum, gold, steel. Some models are decorated with engraving and diamonds. Water resistance of the majority of hours from 30 to 1000 meters.

Products brand Panerai - the embodiment of elegance and style. It implements best design solutions masters of the highest class. These watches are true connoisseurs prefer the quality of men and women holding a proactive stance. Panerai for those who love to win and achieve your goals.