Original watch Jaeger-LeCoultre

Jaeger-LeCoultre - Swiss watch brand known worldwide. Despite the fact that the history of the company has more than 180 years, its products are still relevant and is renowned for its excellent quality and style of performance.

Jaeger-LeCoultre watches creates, conquering the world community and connoisseurs of watchmaking. The company has always successfully introducing new technologies in the model, additional features and enhanced capabilities.

This constant striving for the ideal - the card brand. The history of watchmaking house dates back to 1833 with the founding of the company in Geneva Antoni LeCoultre. Since the opening of its main activity has been focused on creating only watch movements.

Their quality was so flawless that soon the largest jewelry and watch manufactory in Europe have become regular customers LeCoultre. Success contributed to the rapid growth and development of watchmaking house. However, a turning point in the history of the brand was merged with the Parisian company Jaeger. In 1860, the factory employs more than 100 people, and in the workshops began to assemble complex mechanisms that time: chronographs, repetity and calendars. Revolutionary clockwork, became for many years the pride of its founders, the company will present in 1928.

Atmos clock with the possibility of movement, reacting to the slightest variations in temperature and atmospheric pressure changes become a bestseller and quickly win the hearts of many fans of watchmaking. To this day, this collection is relevant and enjoyed considerable demand. Name Jaeger-LeCoultre is primarily associated with outstanding quality, reliability and excellent accuracy.

All these characteristics guarantee a campaign through numerous factory testing. Before you launch a new model in the production of a prototype passes toughest stress test: it spun in a centrifuge, compress and stretch, tested for the ability to withstand shocks, subjected to high and low temperatures (from 40 to -4 degrees Celsius). Commercially available only watch that can withstand many hours of successfully tested. Watches Jaeger-LeCoultre - this refinement, reliability and impeccable style, time-tested. Great design and Swiss quality - the perfect combination worthy of successful and confident people.