Original watches Jacob & Co in Kiev

Watch brand Jacob & Co, founded in the 90s of the last century, quickly became successful and recognizable. All the while, she never ceases to surprise and delight fans of exclusive high quality accessories worldwide.

It is worth noting that the distinguishing feature of the brand is to create a clock in the style of "unisex". So that men and women who love variety can safely share models with each other. In watches Jacob & Co surprising combination of different cultural traditions and trends.

Mixing oriental luxury and Swiss quality creates not just a beautiful, high-precision mechanisms and true works of art of watchmaking. Notable include the fact that the founder of watchmaking house Jacob & Co Jacob Arabo comes from solar Tashkent. Surely the reason why all started their watches are cheerful, bright and memorable. In the list of fans of the famous brand are such eminent persons as Elton John, Madonna, Naomi Campbell, the couple Beckham, Enrique Iglesias, Jennifer Lopez, Tom Cruise and many other movie stars, sports, music. In 2002, Jacob Arabo has produced legendary watch The Five Time Zone Watch.

A distinctive feature of the model became more dials, which lead the report time in major centers of social life: New York, Los Angeles, Paris and Tokyo. After quite a bit of time after the presentation of these watches are becoming almost mandatory elements dresscode virtually every major event involving the "stars" of world level.

More than successful cooperation talented designers and watchmakers of the highest class allowed Jacob & Co to release more than one collection of prestigious, bold, yet elegant watches. Each model is unmatched, striking aesthetic perfection and functionality.

That only is the instance that simulates a clip gun or accessory displays the time in several countries. Through the transparent clock face Crystal Tourbillon possible to examine in detail the mechanism of the finest work.

Every inch of their body encrusted with precious stones of excellent quality: Ruby, baguette diamonds or blue sapphires. To date, Jacob & Co brand is considered one of the most popular and successful time projects not only in the US but also the world. Excellent in all respects works Horlogerie Jacob & Co - a source of pride for their owners. They are worn on a daily basis, collecting, enjoying every minute reckoned.