Original watches Hublot

The first Hublot watches were created in 1980 by Carlo Crocco. Golden body, stylish and moderately strict rubber strap - the master solution was flawless. The emergence of such a controversial model has caused a wave of incomprehension Crocco colleagues. But it at least in the form of original timepieces typical window, combining matte natural material and the noble shine of metal interested members of the royal family.

Very soon, this model became popular and in demand by celebrities. Hublot brand took a few years, to occupy a worthy place among the most famous manufacturers of watches, known throughout the world.

Black dial, designed in minimalist style and distinctive strap black rubber steel brand symbolic.

In the mid-90s on rubber noticed many of the leading watch manufacturers. It proved the right choice Carlo Crocco, who led his company to success and prosperity. For Hublot rubber it became not a tribute to fashion and philosophy, lifestyle, brand image from the first day.

Over the years, the company true when innovative technological solutions, producing unique timepieces. Some models affect the complexity of the mechanism, while others are available only in the "Limited series."

A turning point in the life of the brand occurred in April 2008. Carlo Crocco implemented the decision to sell their offspring group LVMH (France) - one of the leading manufacturers of premium watches. It should be noted that this transaction has played into the hands of the two companies. Hublot perfectly merged into production hours group LVMH. Management positions in the divisions retained: control - Riccardo Gadelupe and CEO - Riccardo Gadelupe. This fact gives grounds to assume that Hublot will be developed with the same success.

Each season, the big-name brand pleases fans of superb luxury watches new original models. Quite a few famous, rich, famous people around the world prefer to watch Hublot: footballer - Cristiano Ronaldo, the singer - Jay-Z, the fastest man in the world -Useyn Bolt, actress -Zhaklin Brakamontes Van Haarde.

By purchasing a watch from Hublot, you make a choice in favor of really status accessory that every year will become increasingly important and valuable.