Original watches Harry Winston

The company Harry Winston is renowned for unsurpassed jewelry more than a dozen years. However, the first watch with a world-famous brand name appeared only in 1989. Ronald Winston main problem at that time was in the content of future hours. It is so eminent brand had no margin for error. The failure could destroy the company's image. Therefore, we can say that Ronald Winston went to considerable risk.

However, the first collection of watches Harry Winston created a furor. First no one could so successfully combine jewelery and watchmaking. To create your own masterpieces unsurpassed Ronald Winston used the best precious metals and gems.

Excellent aesthetic characteristics of hours - the card brand. However, to create a unique mechanism works best Swiss masters.

The first hour collection of Harry Winston was introduced in 1989. Then the model Bi - Retrograde Perpetual Calendar has received the status innovative in the Swiss tradition of watchmaking.

A little later, the company released the first ever underwater platinum chronograph, with water resistance to 100 meters.

In 2001, it created the clock, received worldwide recognition - Opus. This collection not only gave us a true impetus for further development, but to give it prestige in the years to come.

It should be noted that in Harry Winston work not only innovative mechanisms, but also with modern materials, such as for example zalium. This unique zirconium-based alloy, developed by Ronald Winston has excellent corrosion resistance and ultra light.

In 2009, it produced a watch that was destined to link America and Switzerland, Geneva and New York. Talk to Me Harry Winston - the most important invention of jewelry for 10 years. The first model was presented in a white gold case, and later, in 2010, there was an instance in the case of pink gold.

Each watch from Harry Winston combine luxury materials, the perfection of the mechanism of high-precision and tremendous idea brought to life through the efforts of the best artists and jewelers. They are designed to form a stunning image. This high-end watches for confident, successful people.