Original watches Franc Muller

History Franc Muller watch brand began in 1991. Founder of the company Franck Muller today called the patriarch of modern horology, and it should be noted, is justified. His success story just fantastic! Today, the company's products is recognized in most countries in Europe, America and Asia. Watches Franc Muller belong to the category de luxe and recognizable throughout the world.

Passion for their creator different kinds of arrangements began in childhood. Then, he spent days on the flight home devices for research, analyzing and collecting them again and again. Yet particular interest is the antique clock. In recognition of Mueller, he considered them the epitome of something magical, surprising.

Growing Frank began collecting old instruments. Talent and skill allowed him to restore even the old timers. He has collaborated with many of the leading auction houses. Masters of watchmaking, one after another recognized in Muller genius in his field. For example, children's hobby eventually grew into the business of life, turning ordinary boy in an outstanding Swiss watchmaker.

Today, the company headquarters is located in an old manor house in the estate Franck Muller Watchland. Here are all the departments, from design studios, workshops to complete the cycle.

Each new model Franc Muller - a true masterpiece of watchmaking. It strikingly unsurpassed design, innovative technology and unique spirit peculiar brand of watches. Manufacturability, reliability, functionality and absolute precision - typical for each new collection.

Many models become the property of the world's leading collections of watches. In 24 years of existence in the account of the company more than 20 unique developments and discoveries. So, in 1998, he invented the smallest tourbillon mechanism, which became a record in the history of the world of watchmaking.

Wear a watch Franc Muller prefer a lot of stars of world scale. Among them Elton John, Naomi Campbell, Robin Williams, Demi Moore, Antonio Banderas and many others.

Swiss brand watch can safely be called inimitable and magnificent. Presentation of each new collection becomes a discovery. Models made in a classic style, innovative designs, bold challenges, shocking - that the whole Frank Muller.

Today, the company management has laid on a second founder - Vartan Sirmeykes. While Franck Muller engaged exclusively private orders.

Buy watches Franc Muller, then opt for a climax of grace and grandeur of watchmaking. Digging continues today to comprehend new heights, conquering their fans by winning more hearts.