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Stylish, elegant watches at all times emphasized the status of its owner, pointed out in his excellent taste and commitment to excellence. Franc Vila - the creator of the eponymous brand has proved to the world that fine Swiss classics can be stylish and original. Franc Vila - pretty young, but already well-known brand, who managed to gain popularity in many countries. His name is associated with an individual style and prestige. Unlike many Swiss watch manufactures Franc Vila can not boast a long history. However, appearing on the watch market, the brand quickly began its rapid, triumphant ascent, having made a real sensation among the connoisseurs of Swiss quality and uniqueness. For many, Frank Vila is only representative of the new wave of successful entrepreneurs who managed successfully and in time to present their products on the market. In part they are right, however, to argue that the main merit of the great success belongs to the talented and extraordinary man, will take a few. Work on his first watch model Vila began in 2000. Being quite successful and not a poor man, a professor of chemistry, for many years he collected a variety of clock models. However, nothing but disappointment and understanding of the imperfections of each of them did not bring passion. It was then that the idea of Vila began to bear on the issue watches created by his own sketches, using modern and innovative technologies. As a result - in 2005 at BaselWorld talented artist presents the world men's watches Franc Vila.

Original watches Franc Vila

To date, in the line of brand presents watches for both men and women. Each model has its own unique face and is equipped with advanced features such as: Chronograph, repeater, tourbillon, the maximum power reserve, and other special indicators. In developing material for hours Vila first turned to nanotechnology by developing Lightnium - heavy-duty and lightweight metal (alloy of aluminum and lithium). In the laboratory, Franc Vila was also created another innovative composite having increased elasticity, resistance to high temperatures, remarkably durable and at the same time super easy. All watches Franc Vila, produced with the use of nanomaterials, in truth, are revolutionary. Products brand Franc Vila - the embodiment of style and exclusivity. The clock produced in limited quantities, depending on the technical complexity and functionality. Each model can be traced outlines beloved figures of their creator - eight. The unique shape allows them to be recognized in this world. Buy Franc Vila is to become the owner of not only high-precision, technologically perfect clockwork, but also exclusive, prestigious accessory.