Buy original watches Festina

Festina - popular brands, world-renowned manufacturer of the original watches of impeccable quality.

Company founded in 1902 in La Chaux-de-Foundation (Switzerland). Since its masters do not get tired to surprise and delight fans of watchmaking interesting models made in both the classical and modern style.

Achieve global brand recognition was only in 2008. Despite that fact that prior to the time of its products purchased in dozen countries. Every day, employees are working to create new and original models to meet the tastes and preferences of the widest range of customers.

All products at each stage of the production line must pass strict quality control. This eliminates the possibility of any inaccuracies assembly mechanism and the overall model. Plant Festina, which developed parts and components in Switzerland.

Final assembly and testing mechanisms for defects occur in the workshops of Spain. The watch uses a precision mechanism Festina Japanese manufacturer Citizen. Thanks to the skilful combination of Japanese and Swiss technology company born in the workshops excellent accessories that later become the pride of their owners. Original watches Festina High quality and technical characteristics, as well as an unrivaled Swiss design, made with a special sense of style makes the watch Festina demand worldwide.

Wear them on your hand prefer, as a modern young fashionistas and older people who have succeeded in business, cultural and investment activities. Their loyalty to the company is more than compensated happy owners of its products.

For many years, they have become owners of a beautiful, reliable, high-quality, precision mechanisms. Every day clock pleasing their practicality and versatility, aesthetically pleasing. Wide range of watches allows everyone to choose the most suitable option: exquisite classic, sporty style, shining female models with precious stones. Individual attention instances, designed specifically for children. Festina brand allows everyone to feel all the "hundred", decorated with gorgeous wrist accessory having global popularity.