Original watches Eterna

The history of the legendary brand Eterna began over 150 years ago in the Swiss town of Grenchen in a difficult time for the country.

In the XIX century, Switzerland was experiencing a deep economic crisis and the country's leadership was ready to support any initiative aimed at stabilizing the situation. One of them was the suggestion of Dr. Joseph Girard, who proposed to focus efforts on the development of the watch industry. In 1851, he and his good friend Anton Schild organized a workshop where everyone was taught the basics and tricks of watchmaking.

It is worth noting that attempts to organize their own watchmaking in Girard had a few. In 1856, he failed, and his brother opened a small workshop for the assembly of watch movements.

Later, he was made second attempt to succeed in business, as he had believed all his life. With the support of his son, a former companion Schild - Urs Schild, he created the company «Dr. Girard & Schild », which began to generate revenue only in 1863.

In 1866, Joseph Girard decides to retire and sell his part of the business Ursomu Schild. Already in 1870, the staff of the company «Schild Freres & Co» has been extended up to 300 people, and the collection mechanisms implemented in the new factory. The first watches were released in 1876, and six years later the company received a new name - «Fabriques Eterna, Schild Freres & Co».

During the decades of operation, the company has patented a number of unique designs. For example, in 1914 at the annual exhibition in Bern (Switzerland) Eterna unveiled watches with alarm, which enjoyed great popularity during the First World War.

We can say that 1928 was a turning point in the history of the brand. Release clockworks reached 1 mln. Pieces. Brand Eterna became popular and recognizable worldwide, but the greatest success began to use a watch with ultra-thin body.

In 1995, a controlling stake acquired by Ferdinand Alexander Porsche, who initiated the establishment of hours marked «Porshe Design». That generation Porsche was the invisible bridge that connected the sesquicentennial tradition of the brand and its future.

Watches Eterna created for those who are imbued with a passion for excellence and gets real pleasure from the beautiful, prestigious accessories.