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Hours Christiann v.d. Klaauw embody the perfect harmony of nature. She gave humanity the first knowledge of the time devoted to the sacrament of his calculus. Love for astronomy and the ability to create brilliant exact mechanisms have allowed Christian van der Klau become one of the most famous watchmakers.

His first works - exclusive astronomical clock finest handmade saw the light in the 70 years of the twentieth century in the picturesque Dutch village Joure. Love for his work and commitment to excellence have allowed the master to succeed quickly, having won the hearts of many with his talent watch connoisseurs premium. The creation of the first models of the maestro inspired famous astronomer Christiaan Huygens - creator of the first pendulum clock.

These copies were highly complex and technically brilliant contained on the idea and execution of astronomical applications. Today, collectors from around the world consider it an honor to replenish their meeting these outstanding examples of watchmaking.

Original watch Christiann v.d. Klaauw A true masterpiece of Christian van der Klau presented in the 90th year of the last century. His astronomical clock created a furor and became the main reason for the great master was invited to become a member of the Academy of Independent Watchmakers. 1992 brought the Christian van der Klau gold medal and the highest recognition of representatives of the best watch manufactures in the world.

On the world famous watch exhibition in Basel, he created a model «Pendule Variable» was the best. In the late 90-ies of XX century genius began to develop a master clock «Planetarium». As a result, he managed the seemingly impossible - to fit in a tiny mechanism of a planetarium, making it the smallest planetarium in the world. «Planetarium» displays not only the time, date, month, and the orbit of our solar system. Some of the works of Christian van der Klau become the property of the museum Ace Eysinga. In 2011, the brand was awarded another honorary award.

Watches «Retro Moon» recognizes the most innovative watches of the year. To this day, the model Christiann v.d. Klaauw created manually with great love and inspiration. At all stages of the production process used materials of exceptional quality. Watchmakers studio focus only three types of metals: gold, platinum and become the best. Workshops where craftsmen working, fully protected against the ingress of dust.

Each clock mechanism is used «Klaauw-Benzinger». Enjoy the beauty of these masterpieces, it seems, can be infinitely long. Immaculately performance can be observed through a special window, located in the back of the case. Today Christiann v.d. Klaauw is the exclusive watch brand.

Each model of this brand has its own unique, recognizable around the world face. Confused clock started under the guidance of the great master, with the products of any other brand impossible. Therefore, they are chosen by people who are used throughout to demonstrate their individuality and refined taste.