History of the brand Bovet almost 200 years. It started in 1822 when a young entrepreneur Edward Beauvais registered his small company in London.

The very production of watches in Switzerland, but London was chosen because he was a strategic point. Through its ports held by China - the main market Bovet watches and many other commodities produced then in Europe.

Within a few years since the beginning of sales of the brand name in Japan became synonymous with high-end watches. They quickly won the sympathy and popularity, becoming one of the best-selling.

Hallmark hours was unusual decoration and, of course, the exact course of the mechanism. Soon they conquered the connoisseurs of watchmaking in most developed countries.

Today, in front of renowned artists and do not put any limits. They are free as before to implement their boldest ideas and solution. Master enamel, jewelers, watchmakers and goldsmiths - their skill creates amazing model that's hard not to admire.

In production use only high-quality, rare materials, apply the latest technology. Such a perfect combination of innovative ideas and proven solutions for decades, produces watches, not subordinate to "frivolous" fashion.

The collection is both Bovet domed dials baked enamel, and miniature paintings, skilfully transferred to mother of pearl. Mechanisms hours shrouded script of engraving and enamel. Luxury throughout stretch characterizes brand watches Bovet for the past two centuries.

Dial is one of their main distinguishing features. Its production process has remained the same as many years ago. He created usually using the simplest of tools: polishing wheel, files, kiln, ordinary brush and machine engraving. The process is akin to the birth of the dial creating works of art. Each master spends about 250 hours of painstaking work. The whole process consists of seven stages.

Today the company has a modern manufactory Bovet which are true masterpieces watch industry. Perfect mechanisms assembled by hand, as well as their exquisite framing.

Bovet Watches are designed for true connoisseurs of Swiss quality and impeccable style.